Of Science in Electrical Engineering
Special Topics in Electrical Engineering and applied science production and other Mrtyt.
Semiconductors,semiconductor components,parts nanoelectronics,electronic,optical,analog integrated circuits,systems,and digital integrated circuits,systems and mixed digital integrated circuits,radio frequency integrated circuits,industrial electronics,electromechanical systems,nanoelectronics and other related cases .
Contacts theory,information theory,coding and cryptography,signal processing (audio and video),mobile communication,optical communication,satellite,theory and applications of electromagnetic fields and waves,parts,circuits and microwave subsystems and Wave networks Modern communications,spread spectrum communication and other related items.
Linear and nonlinear control systems,intelligent control systems,adaptive control,robust control,control
Optimal and Optimal Robotics and Mechatronics,navigation and aerospace,industrial automation and control,system identification,modeling and control of web-based monitoring and other related items.
the power
Renewable resources,renewable,distributed generation and microgrids,energy management,consumption and demand,and the restructuring of the electricity market,status and fault diagnosis in power systems,power system planning,operation of power system reliability (security and efficiency) power systems,electrical power quality,control systems,high voltage direct current system of flexible alternating current,transient conditions in power systems,power system stability and control,electrical protection,high voltage engineering,electric machines and power electronics,power electronic converters and control,switching power supplies and pulse power system,design and analysis of flexibility and control of electrical machines,troubleshooting,monitoring and identification,FACTS possible parameters of AC electric machines,generators and transformers power,power electronic applications,power generators and transformers,power electronics applications,design and control of electrical drives,modern electric machines,electric machines and other related applications.
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